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Cat Shows and Showing

  • A Beginner's Guide To Exhibiting at CFA Cat Shows - A guide for new exhibitors, specific to the Cat Fanciers' Association's show procedures.
  • Canadian Cat Association Shows - Listing of the Canadian Cat Association future shows.
  • Cat Fanciers' Association: Cat Show Schedule - World-wide listing of all shows currently licensed by The Cat Fanciers' Association, including their dates and locations.
  • Cat Fanciers Web Site - The Internet forum for the cat fancy since 1993. Articles and links on cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine.
  • Cat Showing for New Exhibitors - A guide to what you need to know, bring and do to enjoy showing your cat.
  • Cat Shows - Official TICA Show Calendar - Listing of forth-coming TICA Shows.
  • Cats shows in the Netherlands - Gives list of current cat shows in the Netherlands with good links to others world wide.
  • Cat-shows.co.uk - List of UK cat shows, primarily GCCF shows, also includes IFA, TICA, and FB.
  • CFA IAMS Cat Championship Show - Annual CFA Madison Square Garden show. Information for the press and public, FAQs about the show, articles about show events including Cat Agility and Adopt-A-Cat.
  • CFA International Cat Show - Details of the largest cat show held annually in North America. This site provides details and pictures of the shows winners.
  • CFA Midwest Region - Show flyers presented for CFA cat shows in the Midwest Region of Canada. Provides information on Show Breeders and photographs.
  • CFA Shows - The Cat Fancier's Association's article on how its shows are conducted. Links to additional information regarding how to enter and show.
  • CFA Southern Region Cat Shows - Show schedule for shows held in CFA's Southern Region. Includes links to clubs' websites for additional information.
  • Coordinating Cat Council of Australia - Information on the origins, results from the National Show, photos and listings of titled cats from this organisation that oversees the breeding and showing of cats in Australia.
  • East Sussex Cat Club 2002 Show - This site gives details of the forthcoming GCCF affiliated Show in East Sussex, UK.
  • The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Cat Shows - A list of GCCF cat shows in the UK.
  • Independent Feline Alliance - UK organisation for cat owners interested in showing their pedigree or non-pedigree cats. Lists IFA 2002 show dates.
  • National Capital Cat Show - CFA licensed show in the Washington, DC area produced by several local clubs. Show information, directions, fees.
  • The National Cat Club Shows - Gives details of past and future Cat Shows which the Club has been holding since 1887 including details of the show held in 1911.
  • Our Cats Online - The official GCCF journal for the UK cat scene. Provides information on UK Cat Shows including dates and venues. There is also a section specific for subcribers to the journal.
  • Shocatz - Provides information to assist in showing your pedigree or non-pedigree cat.
  • Showcat - Gives useful background information on GCCF Shows held in the UK and outlines the processes involved and the equipment necessary for showing your cat.
  • Supreme Cat Show - The "Supreme" is the official cat show of the governing council of the Cat Fancy.
  • TICA in the UK - Information about The International Cat Association in the UK. Show information and listings, show procedures, title explanations, rules.
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