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Cat Website Directories - Breeder Directories

  • About Cats - Provides information regarding the anatomy of the cat, cat breeds, a cat's life history, choosing and caring for a cat, some diseases, the cat in history, cat family, general breed standards and some famous cats.
  • About.Com's Cats - All you would ever want to know about cats and their people! Original features, links, pictures.
  • Absolutely Cats - Cat Breeders Directory and Kittens for sale. Search for a cattery by breed, location and cattery name. Many beautiful photos, information and more!
  • Cat Fanciers - Articles about and links to cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine.
  • The Cat List - UK listings for shows, breeders, veterinarians, and clubs.
  • Cats 'n' Kittens - Listing of UK breeders, cat shows and feline fanciers clubs and societies.
  • Catster Join Catster the world's best free information and entertainment community built by and for cat people. Adopt a new cat. Get answers, recommendations, and advice. Find local pet businesses. Share photos, stories and videos. Keep a diary, Join groups of like-minded cat lovers. Have a ball
  • Cool Cat Sites - Cat related links include gifts, breeders, breed and rescue information, educational sites, and feline care.
  • Judith Berman's List of Feline WWW Sites - A link site of worldwide cat-related websites.
  • KittenCare.com - Links to sites covering a variety of aspects of feline health and well being. Also includes emergency resources, lost and found, and toys and furniture.
  • Kittens for Sale Directory UK - Extensive all breeds kittens for sale directory and free notice boards.
  • Kittymania - A UK based web site designed for breeders and buyeres of pedigree cats and kittens.
  • KittySites.Com - Listings for breeders, services, rescue organizations.
  • Meowhoo - Provides links for cat-related businesses, services, organizations and websites. Also contains a breeder listing by breed.
  • Moggies - Resource of information about cats, health, humor, products, artwork, welfare, and organizations.
  • NetVet: Cat - Offers a range of cat resources and links.
  • rec.pets.cats FAQs - Includes health, behavior, care, feeding, and solving common problems.
  • Reidun's Breedlist - Provides contact information and links to websites.

Breeder Directories

  • Absolutely Cats - Directory of international breeders with all breeds represented. Includes photo gallery and links.
  • Cat @ Home - Features contact details for breeders all over the world.
  • Cat Hobbyist: Breeder Registry - Listing breeders in Canada and the United States who have agreed to abide by a code of ethics and the responsible breeding of pedigreed cats. Includes buying guidelines.
  • The Cat Pages' Cat Breeds Guide - Offers breed profiles, photos, and breeder information.
  • Catpages.com - Directory of breeder sites, organized by breed.
  • Cats in Canada - A Canadian directory of breeders of pedigreed cats.
  • Cattery Row - Features a directory of breeders, photos, and breed profiles.
  • Cattery Search - International directory with all breeds represented. Searchable by breed, location, and name.
  • Cattery World - List of breeders, with description and contact details.
  • Chocolate Cat Fanciers - Includes links to chocolate and lilac breeders worldwide.
  • Fanciers Breeder Referral List - International directory of pedigreed breeders, searchable by breed, breeder, location, and keyword. Includes FAQs, information about a rehoming service for retired show cats, and mailing lists.
  • Feline USA - Breed listings within the United States.
  • Meowhoo.com - A listing of breeders featuring contact details and links.
  • Pets 4 You.com - A directory of breeders and links to sources offering pet supplies, products and to rescues and shelters.
  • Studcat - Worldwide database of studs for sale.
  • UK Pedigree Kittens - Listing of breeders and kittens by breed and location.
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