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Bags and Scoopers
  • 911SaveNeans.Com
  • BioBag
  • Dicky Bag Kit
  • Dog Poop Bags - Offers dog clean up bags.
  • DogPoopNags.org
  • Doggie Bags - Dispensers with environmentally friendly plastic bags for dog waste.
  • Doggie Discreet - Offers a lined pouch as an alternative to carrying waste in a plastic bag.
  • Doggie Poop Catcher - Offers a palm size pooper scooper with a collapsible frame structure.
  • Doggie Walk Bags - Retailer and wholesaler of bags and dispensers for individual or municipal use. Provides information on reducing contamination and possible health risks.
  • Doggie-Bags West - Offers environmentally friendly plastic bag used to clean up dogs poop.
  • Doggy-Bag - Disposable bags for pooper scooping.
  • Flush Doggy
  • JJ Mfg. - Provides biodegradable scoop bags with stiff-sided chip board construction, and a separate stiff chip board shovel for ease of loading. Video demo can be viewed.
  • JJB Solutions, Inc. - A supplier of dog waste bags, poop scoops and a line of dog waste products.
  • JRB Enterprises - Offers poop scoops, dog bins and gloves.
  • Leisure More - Offers pet waste bag dispensers.
  • Oops I Pooped - Offers biodegradable clean up bags.
  • Pix It Up - Hands free tool to collect, contain and dispose of pet waste. Biodegradable bag covers scoop to keep tool clean.
  • PetHabitats
  • PoopBag.com
  • Scoop and Sack it - A pet waste removal tool invented by a 10 year old. Features a telescoping handle and uses free plastic grocery bags.
  • Scooper Doggie - Environmentally safe and disposable pooper scooper made from recycled paperboard.
  • Wag N Load - Dog waste sanitary bag for carrying empty and filled plastic bags. External pocket for dog treats.



  • Lexington Outdoors - Selling predator urine for the purpose of teaching the proper places to eliminate outdoors.
  • Mylan Enterprises - Pads for pups and older incontinent dogs to protect fabrics and carpet.
  • The Pet Potty - A dog toilet designed for small to medium sized dogs to be installed and hooked to the sewer.
  • Piddlepads - Absorbent pads, including indicator pads that change color when moist.
  • Wizdog - A toilet station for housetraining.

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