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Identity Tags  

  • American Pet Tag Company - Provides custom engraved in different sizes and shapes.
  • America's Pet Tags - Offers stainless steel, gold tone finish, and solid bronze models.
  • Bella Tocca - Offers sterling silver tags. Some have gem stones settings.
  • Best Pet Tags - Seller of identification discs.
  • Boomerang Tags - Identification for pets in brass, plastic, and stainless steel.
  • Cheap Dog Tags - Offers minimal priced aluminum variety.
  • Dog-e-Tag - Offering a digital tag which can store data.
  • Dog-Tags - Offers a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Easy Pet ID Tags - Offering tags in aluminum or brass.
  • Engrave This - Aluminum and brass tags, including Jools.
  • Heads and Tails - Provides a "License to Bark" photo identity card for pet and owner with a tollfree number for reporting found pets.
  • Heartsmart Pet Treats - Offers brass medallion that reads "I am Canine-dian." Identification is engraved on the back.
  • Life Line ID Products - Provides a range of metal and plastic products.
  • Lost My Pet - Offers a system of tags and registration of lost or found animals.
  • Love Your Pets - Offers engraved metal or plastic tags. Also has articles about health and safety.
  • Michigan Lasermark - Selling lasered tags in varied colors and shapes.
  • Net-Pet.org. - Offer registration numbers imprinted on tag.
  • Paw Print Pet ID - Selling identity tags linked to an Australian database.
  • Pet Charms - Selling personalized tags made of metal or plastic.
  • Pet DMV - Provides tags resembling a driver's license, complete with picture, or in the image of an automobile tag.
  • Pet ID Tags - Offers gold and embossed military tags and collars.
  • Pet Tag Engraving - Sells assorted styles, sizes, and colors with name, telephone number, and address. Located in UK.
  • Pet Tags - Offering metal and plastic tags.
  • Pet Tags - Offers engraved military-style dog tags.
  • Petbiz - Offers tags in stainless steel, brass, or colored anodized aluminum.
  • Pet-Tags - Offers color selection drop-box to help match pet's hair and collar.
  • Puppy Luv - Sterling silver and gold tags set with gems.
  • Taggles - Offers a fabric protector to keep tags readable.
  • Tagxpress - Offering tags in stainless steel, brass, aluminum and plastic, and an ID necklace for small animals.
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