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Dog Books

  • 4M Dog Books - Providing new and second hand titles covering training, nutrition, health and individual breeds. Product list and FAQ.
  • Briggs Bichon Books - A series of titles describing life with this breed. Excerpts, author profile and testimonials.
  • Camino Book Co. - Offering reference books for all breeds.
  • Canine Cuisine Cookbook - Recipes include meat dishes, biscuits and treats.
  • The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in North America - Offering an illustrated history of the breed, with excerpts and reviews.
  • Chow Chow Champions of Europe - Contains photographs, pedigrees, profiles, and show information.
  • Creatures in Heaven - Examines the concept of animal immortality. Includes excerpts, reviews and author profile.
  • Dog Grooming - An illustrated guide with description of contents, author profile and testimonials.
  • DogStar - Offers a fictional story involving a real-life bull terrrier. Sample chapters, author profiles and historical information.
  • Dogwise - Titles include works on individual breeds, activities, health and nutrition.
  • Doral Publishing - Titles cover topics including breeding, whelping, health, nutrition, temperament, and training.
  • Emmas Journey - A story about Airedales.
  • Falling Sun Publications - Publishing books for the dog lover, including The Pet Tracker, for recording the details of your dog's life.
  • Glade Run Press - Specialising in titles about gundogs. Includes details of two books on Brittany Spaniels.
  • Hoflin og Books General Interest Dog Books ... The German Shepherd Book | The German Shepherd Dog In Word & Picture � The Total German Shepherd Dog ...
  • Holidaying with Dogs - Information about dog-friendly holiday destinations throughout Australia.
  • Lucky Dog Books for Paperbacks Plus bookstores in Dallas and Mesquite, Texas. Lucky Dog Books is a webservice of Paperbacks Plus in Dallas & Mesquite, Texas, ...
  • Our Levriers: The Past, Present and Future of All Sighthounds - English translation of a French work published in 1984. Illustrated excerpts and author biography.
  • Ratter Chatter - An illustrated anthology of accounts from owners of rat terriers. Includes description of contents.
  • Rough Collies of Distinction - Contains a brief history of the breed, with profiles of influential dogs, pedigrees and blood line charts. Author details, illustrated excerpts and updates.
  • Spirit Dogs - An illustrated short story about life after death. Author profile and interview, plus testimonials.
  • Sunshoo Papillons - The book of British Papillon and Phalene champions from 1925 to 1998 inclusive.
  • Two Dog Press -- Dog Books, Gifts, Recipes, an... Providing books, gifts, toys and treats, as well as stories, recipes and competitions

  • ABC School for Dogs - Basic obedience and behavior modification, with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Chapter details, author profile, testimonials and excerpts.
  • Ben's Black Labrador Shop - Offers a range of books about training for obedience and retrieving.
  • Howln Moon Press - Titles cover a range of activities including herding, tracking, competition obedience and clicker training.

  • Beagle Secrets - Covers raising, training, and living with this breed. Download.
  • The Big Book of Cat Secrets - Explains how to keep a cat happy and healthy. PDF format.
  • Pit Bull Secrets Revealed - A manual covering training, feeding and socializing, with chapter headings and testimonials. Download.
  • Practical Pet Care - A series covering most pets including cats, dogs, ferrets, reptiles, rodents and birds. Download and/or e-mail.
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