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Dog Food & Treats

  • DogFoodChat.com Nutrition Community
  • Doggie Dayz Pet Bakery - Selling canned and dry gourmet blends, natural baked biscuits, birthday cakes, gift baskets, and Christmas stockings.
  • Green Tripe - Providing ground or packaged organ meat and other internal components for dogs, with photographs and descriptions of the nutritional characteristics.
  • Heart to Heart - Offers preservative-free formulations for performance and elderly dogs. Includes analysis and testimonials.
  • Jake and Daisy's - Providing raw food through listed retailers in Canada.
  • Know Better Dog Food - Supplying a dry ingredient base for combining with meat and vegetables. Includes recipes and pet care articles.
  • Mighty Mix - Natural ingredients in frozen concentrate or kibbled mince form. New Zealand location.
  • PetFoodDirect
  • Pets By Nature - Fresh, frozen, raw food, natural treats, and supplements. Specializing in individually formulated diets prepared by request.
  • Raw Basics - Basic ingredient of a natural raw meat and bone diet using all human-grade and organic ingredients.
  • Totally Raw Natural Dog Food - Producing a raw food diet based on meat, fish, vegetables and supplements. Details and photographs of ingredients, with FAQ and feeding guide.
  • Urban Wolf - Grain-free dietary pre-mix for homemade raw dog and puppy products.
  • Viking - Selling dry food that provides nutritional requirements for different ages and activity levels. Located in UK.
  • Yotta Pet Products - Provides flavor enhancer with added vitamins and supplements. Posts taste test results.

Pet Food Preparation


  • Abandoned Puppy Care and Nutrition Guide - Includes calorie nutritional requirement information and health care tips.
  • The Animal Advocate - Facts and editorials about breed specific nutritional requirements, label interpretation, and alternatives to commercial food.
  • Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) - More than 20 articles on dog nutrition. Topics include feeding practices, food supplements, ingredients, food contaminants, relationship of diet to health, labelling and nutritional requirements.
  • Canine Nutrition - A collection of articles by a nutritional consultant. Includes dietary analyses and the relationship between diet and disease.
  • Dog Food Analysis Dog food information and reviews
  • Dog Nutrition - Articles on BARF, vegetarian diet, supplements, commercial diets and mad cow disease.
  • Dog Nutrition Fact Book - A dog food manufacturer presents information covering requirements and considerations from puppy to old age.
  • Dogs and Diets - Information on dog food selection, feeding tips, basic nutrition and special diets.
  • K9Nutrition - Information on how to join this e-mail discussion group, for people wanting to learn more about nutrition and dogs, and sharing ideas on feeding for daily use and for special needs.
  • US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - Nutrient Database for Standard Reference - Interface allows simple searches for food ingredients by entering keywords or the Nutrient Database Number.
  • What to Feed Your Puppy Dog - Essay discusses concerns about commercial dog food and dog food ingredients, and recommends particular brands of commercial dog food and home made diets.

Commercial Dog Food  

Natural Dog Food

  • Aunt Jeni - Producing frozen raw food, complete diets, ground tripe and meat-based treats for cats, dogs and ferrets. Temple Hills, Maryland, USA.
  • Azmira - Food for dogs, cats, and ferrets, as well as products for general pet care.
  • Dr. Harveys - Supplies organic foods, treats and supplements for dogs, cats, birds and horses.
  • Eagle Pack - Producing a meat-based diet with added supplements including fatty acids, kelp and probiotics. Located in Mishawaka, Indiana.
  • Gourmet Pet Supply Inc. - Beak Appetit and Critter Cuisine brands of all natural, human quality pet foods for companion birds and small animals.
  • Natural Balance - Dick Van Patten's all-natural, complete and balanced nutrition for dogs, cats and zoo carnivores.
  • Nature's Variety - Producing raw frozen, freeze dried, canned and dry food made from organic meat and vegetables. Details of ingredients, FAQ and distributor list. Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
  • Nutro - Produces cat and dog food in the United Kingdom. No animal by-products, artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Owen and Mandeville - Manufacturer of all natural diets for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and ferrets. Information for consumers from the United States.
  • Pets 4 Life - Producing food for dogs, cats and ferrets.
  • Sirius Pet Food - Manufacturer of complete diets for dogs, cats and ferrets. Located in Canada.
  • Veganpet - A vegan pet food supplier located in Australia.
  • Wilderness Foods Ltd - Manufactures and markets meat-based products for dog and cats. Details of ingredients, trade shows and distributors. Mt Manganui, New Zealand.
  • Yarrah Organic Pet Food - Producing an organic, chicken-based product suitable for dogs and cats, as well as a vegetarian variety for dogs. Includes general pet care information. Located in The Netherlands.


  • Aussie Pet Health Treats - Australian supplier of treats including pigs' ears and chews made from kangaroo and lamb meat. Young, New South Wales.
  • BlueDog Bakery - Makers of dog biscuits flavoured with peanut butter and molasses. Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • Charlee Bear's Dog House - Produces natural dry snacks. Nutritional information, training tips, and list of retailers. Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Darford Industries - Producing baked treats in a range of natural flavors. Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.
  • The Doghouse Kitchen - Making baked organic treats without wheat or preservatives. Includes list of ingredients. Portland, Maine, USA.
  • Eurocan Pet Products - Producing and distributing a range of meat and grain-based treats for dogs, cats and birds, as well as nutritional supplements and processed foods. New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada.
  • Happy n Healthy Pet Products Inc - Supplier of additive-free beef bones and treats, with photographs, dealer listing and information on antibiotics. Columbus, Ohio, USA.
  • Keesha's Kookies - Making baked treats with gluten-free flour. Includes monthly health advice. Beamsville, Ontario, Canada.
  • Teddy Treats - Producing meat-based, preservative-free treats. Includes testimonials and promotional information. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Zanadoo and Co - All natural dog treats.

Toxic Foods

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