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Dog Training

  • Atlanta Dog Trainer   Atlanta Dog Trainer offers Obedience Training, Agility, Behavior Modification, House Breaking, Work with Aggression Problems, Tracking, Odor Detection, Protection Work, Search and Rescue, and other specialized training. Group, private and in-home training offered in and around surrounding cities of Atlanta, GA
  • Dog Obedience Training   Guide to dog obedience training articles to train your dog or puppy the right way
  • Dog Training Headquarters   Resources for dog and puppy owners to train their pet effectively.Website providing dog training guides and articles. Topics range from basic dog obedience and housebreaking to dog nutrition
  • MyGoodPuppy.com   Pet Containment Systems and Dog Training Collars at MyGoodPuppy.com
  • Online Dog Trainer Search   Owners in the US can enter their zip code to find a professional in their area.
  • Basic Dog Training   Adult Dog House Training, Adult Dog Train, Aggressive Dog Train, Bark Dog Not Train, Barking Dog Stop Train Basic Dog Obedience



Guide Dogs

  • Dog-guides Group - Discussion forum for handlers, trainers and puppy raisers from any guide dog school.
  • Golden Leaders Group - Forum for puppy raisers, handlers, and host families working with a Golden Retriever through Leader Dogs for The Blind.
  • Guide Dog Trainer FAQ - Information for people considering becoming a professional trainer.
  • Leader-Dogs-L - Mailing list for handlers, trainers and raisers of Leader Dogs.

Search and Rescue Dogs

  • Amtek - Specializes in products to train dogs with barking problems. Also offers animal repellants.
  • Canine Intelligence Agency - Offering a range of equipment and books. Illustrated catalog, excerpts and profiles.
  • Cantass Canine Consultants - Supplying clicker-related books and videos, with a library of free articles.
  • DogBasics - Offering a range of accessories and equipment including clickers, harnesses and leads as well as private consultations and classes.
  • Dogstar Training - Offering a series of videos and a selection of collars and leads. Illustrations, descriptions and instructor profile.
  • Flying Dog Press - Providing books, booklets and videos on dog training, as well as phone and video consultations with Suzanne Clothier. Includes articles and seminar schedule.
  • Hanaleipets - Offering videos, books, training toys and treats.
  • Houssen's Dog Training Center - Illustrations and details about videos, newsletters, equipment and CD ROMs.
  • K II Enterprises - Offering battery-powered devices which use high frequency sound. Description and testimonials.
  • Kennel Silencers - Using ultrasound or water to control barking dogs in a kennel environment. Testimonials and recommended applications.
  • Learning About Dogs - Illustrated catalog of clicker equipment and accessories, books and videos, plus details of courses and workshops in the United Kingdom.
  • MarkOut - A system of wraps and an instruction manual for housebreaking male dogs. Product history, testimonials and related products.
  • Pet Expertise - Offering training aids, such as clickers, bait bags, motivational toys, gates, and crates, and products to assist with correcting behavior problems.
  • Puppy Power - Supplying clickers and lanyards, with training tips and instructions for tricks. Australia.
  • Simply Sarah, Inc. - Illustrations and descriptions of books, videos and equipment. FAQ, testimonials and background information.
  • Sounds Scary - A range of CDs for treating phobias of fireworks, thunder and other noises.
  • Sydney Dog Training Centre - Offering collars, leads, signs, muzzles and other accessories, as well as a training video, for shipping throughout Australia.
  • Taking the Lead - Offering clickers and related accessories such as treat bags and retractables.

Puppy Socialization

Explosives Detection

Alcohol and Drug Detection

  • Black Tower Security Services Ltd. - British Columbia, Canada, firm offers certified K-9 protection and detection teams for explosive and narcotics.
  • Canine Intercept, Inc. - Serves the Southeastern United States with drug detection services for businesses, schools, and private residences. DEA licensed.
  • CCI - Maryland based canine detection company offering narcotics and explosives detection services.
  • CSS Interamericana - Costa Rica based private narcotics detection company
  • Discreet Detection K-9 Services - Agency providing narcotics and explosives detection services to schools and industry nationwide. DEA and BATF licensed.
  • Drug Detection Dogs - California based narcotics detection and investigations agency for businesses, schools, and private residences. DEA and BATF licensed
  • Drug Dogs For Hire - Texas based company providing private narcotics searches for private residences, security agencies, and businesses. DEA licensed
  • Fern Gulch Canine Services - Provides certified drug detection dogs to schools, corporations, drug rehabs, law enforcement, and concerned parents throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
  • Highland Detector Dogs - K9 training and private narcotics detection services.
  • HMI Associates, Inc. - Canine detection company providing K9's trained to detect narcotics, alcohol, firearms, and explosives. DEA licensed
  • International Drug Detection, LLC. - Louisiana based agency offering canine narcotics detection services to businesses. DEA licensed
  • International K-9 - LA based agency providing businesses with trained canines to detect narcotics or explosives- ATF & DEA licensed.
  • Interquest Detection Canines - Texas based (HQ) canine detection agency offering trained narcotics and explosives detection canines to schools, businesses, and government contracts.
  • Interquest Detection Canines - Los Angeles - Detection canines for narcotics, explosives, and contraband in Los Angeles, California.
  • Interquest Detection Canines of Eastern Pennsylvania - Franchise that provides detection dogs for Pennsylvania and New Jersey that detect narcotics, firearms, and alcohol.
  • K-9 Detection Force International - Providing canine detection services to schools, businesses, and private residences. DEA licensed
  • K-9 Search & Detection, Inc. - New York based canine detection agency offering narcotics, firearms, and explosives detection K9's to schools and industry.
  • K.I.D.S., Inc. - Canine drug detection company providing services to both schools and industry. DEA licensed
  • LA Canine Detection Service - Offers canine drug detection services to assist in keeping illegal drugs out of your home, school, and business.
  • Long Island K-9 Service - New York based agency offering narcotics detection services to schools and businesses. DEA licensed
  • Phillips Command Dogs - New York based narcotics detection service available to schools and businesses. DEA and BATF licensed
  • R.A.I.D. Corps, Inc. - South Carolina based canine drug detection company that provides drug detection for both schools and industry.
  • Scenter Line Investigations - Investigations agency offering narcotics and explosives detection K9's.
  • Scentry Place - Agency providing narcotics detection services to industry and local schools.
  • Southern Hills Kennels, Inc. - Florida-based company offering narcotic and bomb detection dogs for private industry. K-9 security team services available.
  • Sun State Security, Inc. - Florida based security and narcotics/firearms detection agency providing services to schools and industry. DEA and BATF licensed
  • Top Dog Security, Inc. - New Jersey based agency offering certified canine drug and weapons detections teams to schools and businesses.
  • Universal K9 Services, Inc. - Sanford, FL company providing narcotics detection canine services to schools and businesses.
  • Washington K9 - Drug dogs available for hire to schools, businesses, and private residences to detect narcotics and weapons.
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