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Dogs Feeding Accessories

  • Big Dog's Dinner - Raised bowls to prevent bloat in large breeds. Can also make for smaller breeds.
  • Bow-wow Bonz - Handcrafted elevated wooden feeders.
  • Bugout Dog Bowl - Circulates water to keep crawling insects out of the food while providing fresh water.
  • A Charmed Life - Decorative iron raised dog bowls.
  • Doc Barkers Boxes - Elevated custom made dog feeders in choice of color, tile and size.
  • DogBAR-USA - Contemporary styles in several veneer selections with 2- quart stainless steel bowls.
  • Ear-Clear, Inc. - Food and water bowls for long-eared dogs.
  • Fawski Woodworks - Custom handmade elevated feeders made of walnut, cherry or oak, combined with Corian tops and stainless steel bowls.
  • Fido's Fountain - A three-gallon capacity watering bowl for pets that automatically refills itself.
  • Raised Dog Feeder - Elevated, adjustable feeder for tall and large breeds.
  • Trendy Pet - Selling custom-made elevated feeding bowls. Includes testimonials and a guide for measuring height.
  • WagYaTail - Offering the Aquabowl, a portable water bowl.
  • Water Dog - Offering an automatic outdoor fitting for providing fresh water on demand. Includes product FAQ, history and specifications, and videos showing its use.
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