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Feeding Accessories

  • Animal Accessories With Attitude - Offers pottery bowls, mats, and soft collars.
  • Aquarius Products - Free standing water bottles for pets.
  • Bugout Pet Products - Offers a system to prevent ants from getting into pet food bowls.
  • Classy Cat - Handcrafted raised stoneware dishes and bowls that are microwave and dishwasher safe. Personalization available.
  • Craft Monkey - Offers hand-painted feeders in the shapes of felines and canines, leash holders and cookie jar lids.
  • Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeders - Maker of handcrafted elevated wooden feeders in individual breed images. Comes with a stainless steel bowl and personalization.
  • FurryFeeder - Automatic pet feeders and accessories. Includes product comparison and instructions.
  • The Marble Works - Heavy dishes made from solid surface materials. Includes color chart and product history.
  • Paw Pottery - Handcrafted personalized bowls and treat jars.
  • Pawcasso - Hand-painted bowls, treat jars, and matching floorcloths.
  • Pet Tavern - Features wooden feeders with a raised lid that closes to hide the food and water bowl.
  • Pet Top Products LLC - Features a portable drinking device that allows a ready source of water on long walks or trips.
  • WaterBowl - Outdoor automatic watering bowl that can be mounted to wall or post.
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