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Mobility Aids for Pets

  • Bedder Backs - Manufacturer of ramps for handicapped or older dogs.
  • Best Pet Ramp - Specializing in customized ramps and steps for bed, furniture or vehicles. Includes tips on training animals to use the products.
  • Bottom's Up Leash - Offering a supportive rear harness for dogs.
  • Dewey's Wheelchairs for Dogs - Custom-made carts for dogs, floatation vests, boots, and accessories.
  • The Dog Mobile Company - Supplying carts and harnesses for the disabled or infirm, with specifications and instructions for measuring the dog.
  • Dog Mobility - Providing a range of boots and harnesses to assist disabled animals. Illustrated catalogue with product descriptions.
  • Doggon' Wheels - Wheelchairs and carts, support slings, paw protectors, splints and diapers for pets.
  • Dogramps - Sells telescoping ramps.
  • Eddies Wheels - Carts for disabled pets, including quad, counterbalanced, front wheel, and custom designs.
  • Happy Hop Pet Ramp - Furniture ramp that allows small animals to reach beds without jumping.
  • Hartman's Hip Helper - Offering a harness for dogs needing rear support and walking assistance.
  • K9 Carts - Selling wheelchairs for paralyzed animals, with photographs and list of accessories.
  • Littlest Angel Vest - Offers a halo, visor, and eye shield for blind or visually impaired canines. Also sells a bear-shaped cloth cover that encases the owners t-shirt when separation is necessary.
  • Pet Classics - Offers a line of ramps, steps and feeders designed to help elderly, miniature and disabled pets.
  • Pet Mobile - Supplying mobility aids for disabled animals, including carts, crutches and slings. Product instructions, photographs and testimonials.
  • Pet Stairz - Offers pet ramps and stairs.
  • Pets Steps - Helps small, older or disabled animals to climb up onto furniture.
  • Puppy Stairs - Manufacturer of pet steps. Made from foam with a large selection of washable fabric covers.
  • Scamp Ramp - Freestanding bed and window ramps.
  • TailWagon - Custom-made pet wheelchairs.
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