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Nutrition Cats

  • Abandoned Kittens Feeding Guide - Hand-raising and health care of newborn kittens. What to know, when and how much milk replacer. Also, nutritional dietary caloric guide from Talk To The Vet.com
  • ASPCA Pet Nutrition: Special Care For Cats - Article on special nutritional needs of cats.
  • Cats and Diets - Provides information on types of foods, feeding kittens and older cats, nutrition and supplements as well as problems and solutions.
  • Cats and Their Nutritional Needs - Article on how cat nutritional needs are different from those of a dog. The article discusses the carnivorous nature of cats, vitamin A, niacin, arginine, taurine, protein, arachadonic acid, and fasting/starvation.
  • Health and Nutrition for Cats - Articles, references and links on feline nutrition by Swiss Abyssinian breeder Christine Ruessheim, including raw meat diets, taurine, honey, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber and toxic plants.
  • Nutrient Requirements of Cats - Read this book on-line: National Nutritional Council (NRC) nutrient requirements of cats.
  • Nutrition and Feeding of Cats - Pet Education - Links to articles on kitten nutrition, weight control, cat food and nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other supplements, and tips for feeding cats and kittens.
  • Nutrition for the Cat - Article discusses the six major nutrients, and how they are utilized by the cat (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water). Includes chart comparing nutritional content of dry, canned and semi-moist foods.
  • Practical Feline Nutrition - Article by Dr. Margaret Muns on pet food marketing, the science of feline nutrition, guaranteed analysis, energy density, and ingredient list.
  • Purina Cat Nutrition - Articles on choosing a cat food, feeding cats, and nutrients in cat foods.
  • Yahoo! Groups - Diabetic Cats Dietary Management - A group using the latest advances and products designed for feline diabetes maintenance by dietary means; mainly high protein diets. We are exchanging experiences, methods, and product information in a congenial environment.
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