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Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

  • Companion Animal Protection Society - Dedicated to ending the abuse and suffering of pet shop and puppy mill dogs. Membership information, efforts and accomplishments, and fact sheet.
  • HelpPuppies.com: Pet Stores and Puppy Mills - The connection between pet stores and puppy mills, news releases, action alerts, video, and resources for advocacy.
  • IDA Campaign: Puppy Mills - Background, undercover investigation, and evaluations of official inspection reports.
  • IMOM.org: Voices for the Voiceless - Includes information about boycotting pet stores, animal cruelty laws, photos from pet stores, and a guide to buying a puppy responsibly.
  • No Puppy Mills - Dedicated to educating the public about the commercial dog industry in America. News and information on puppy mills, dog auctions, breeders, regulators, registries, and how to research a pet store puppy, a newspaper ad, and a website.
  • Prisoners for Profit - A first hand account about puppy mills and how to put an end to them.
  • Prisoners of Greed - Includes facts about commercial kennels, auctions, and brokers and articles about considering being a breeder, adding a dog to the family, and how to help.
  • Puppy Mills - Owner's account of a puppy purchased from a pet store with many links to puppy mill photographs and information.
  • Should You Buy That Doggie In the Window? - A referenced article by Dave Gibbons.
  • United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club: A Word about Pet Stores - Advises buyers to look for dogs from responsible breeders and suggests they avoid pet store puppies that are supplied by puppy mills.

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